Idoine X Cinderella Garbage Gift box
Idoine X Cinderella Garbage Gift box
Idoine X Cinderella Garbage Gift box

Idoine X Cinderella Garbage Gift box

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This set contains our pearl necklace, a facial cleanser and a hand and foot cream from Idoine. 

Pearl necklace

Our pearls are not born from a seashell, but that does not mean that they are less precious to our eyes. Each pearl is facetted with care and patience. The size of the pearl may vary between 7.5mm and 9.5mm. They have a pearly matte finish.

Please note that our pearls are not perfectly round. The chain is 20 inches.

This item is part of a limited edition of 999. This item is offered in sterling silver.

Facial Cleanser

The Face Cleanser combines freshness and softness to cleanse the skin like no other cleansers can. Thanks to the combined actions of white clay and aloe Vera juice, it brings firmness to the skin and dislodges impurities left on the Epidermis. The restorative action of moringa oil provides nourishing and antioxidant action suitable for all skin types. The facial features are more relaxed. The skin glows.

Use morning and night.

Hand and Foot Cream

Spearmint & Labrador

This very rich and creamy Hand and Foot Cream deeply moisturizes those body parts that tend to dry out quickly and that is often neglected.

The vitamin A in the moringa oil improves skin elasticity, while the vitamin E accelerates cellular repairs. Its mild and pleasant menthol fragrance provides a soothing feeling with every application.

Rapid Absorption