Our Christmas gift selection

Christmas is just around the corner ! Have you taken some time to think about gift ideas for your loved ones ? We have ! Here are a selection of our products as well as a selection of other local business that we think are awesome. You might just find the perfect gift right here, right now and this much in advance !

Our Prisma pendant

The Prisma pendant is a joyful combination of natural stone and our Cinderlite stone. Can be worn with just about anything to add a little splash of color. Marvelous gift for your sister or your best friend ! 
You can find this item here.

Upside-down heart

Our upside-down heart pendant is an essential piece. It is the perfect gift for your other half or even for one of those important women in your life. The meaning of the upside-down heart is that the woman wearing the pendant is reminded of how great she is in her own way. Sometimes, life gets hard and we forget that we should be kind to ourself - the pendant is a constant reminder of this because the heart is turned towards the person wearing it. Give this pendant to someone you think is great and that she should know it. 
We make this pendant with different colored chains and also a colorful version of it with natural stone. 
You can find this item here.

Our pearl earrings

The best part of these earrings is that they go with everything ! An everyday staple item that you can offer to your best friend. 
See the item here
The ultimate gift for your other half might just be a ring from our classic collection. Our rings are classical with a little twist - the stone is made from vitrified garbage after all.
View our rings here.
Enough about us. Let's take a look at other local business that do great things.
Have you ever heard of Lecavalier Petrone Chocolates ? They are as beautiful as they are tasty.  Check out their instagram
Wishing your loved ones a lovely holidays season is one of our favorite things. We love these winter cards by Laucolo
You can find them here