What kind of garbage is used to make the Cinderlite ?

Any kind of garbage, as much organic as inorganic garbage. During the transformation process, all the organic components as disintegrated by the heat. We are left with only the inorganic components which are mainly silica and carbon. This is what makes the Cinderlite.


How much garbage is used to make the Cinderlite ?

It is impossible to say how much garbage goes into one stone because it really depends on what kind of garbage goes into it initially. For instance, if there is a lot of organic waste to be transformed, we will not recuperate much of the stone. However, if we have more inorganic waste, then we will create more stone.

As a general rule, our engineers say that the waste is reduced by about 85%.


How much pollution is created during the transformation process ?

During the transformation process, the organic matter is transformed into syngas which is then cleaned and used to supply a combustion motor which generates a clean and usable energy. This energy can supply housings in electricity.

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