Care & Repairs

Our jewelry is special. It is delicate by nature and we encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily.

Here are some easy tips:

- Taking off your rings when you are doing rough hand work that may damage a stone or the shape of a ring.

- We also recommend taking your jewelry off when washing your hands, showering and sleeping. When putting on sweaters, going through pockets, etc.

- We also recommend spinning the rings to the inside of your hand to avoid the shapes or prong settings from getting caught on anything. (It helps to make a fist around them when putting on sweaters!)

Cinderlite stones

Our Cinderlite stones are unique. We're proud of our stones. However, it's important to know that they are a "softer" stone. In general, we recommend being gentle with your jewelry, follow the tips above, and be mindful not to hit them against something hard by mistake. Damaged Cinderlite stones are not uncommon, so keep in mind that our customer service is here for you, however we are not responsible for broken stones. We offer stone replacements for a reasonable repair fee. We also offer polishing, resizing, and prong tightening of our products.

If you prefer to bring our product to your favorite jeweler for any repairs, make sure to tell them not to use any acids on the stones. Acids will cause a loss of colouring and/or brightness to the stone.

Please refer to our Store Policy page regarding our guarantee. 



List of repair prices:

Silver chain repairs: 20$
Gold chain repairs: 35$
Resizing in silver: 25$
Resizing in gold: 65$
Setting a new stone: 70$