About Us



All of our jewelry is hand-made with every intention of being ecologically loving. The idea of Cinderella Garbage was developed under the circumstances of an endless love for art, culture, society, uniqueness and feminism.  We wish to create pieces that are exclusive because of the unique possibility of wearing trash, of capturing the consumption of society within a beautiful object that pushes the limits of recuperation to a new level of elegance and finesse.  

We also believe in having a strong position against the diamond trade and society's consumption, although it is important to know that we wish to do so in an elegantly informed and enlightened way. As in the Cinderella fairytale, we wish to expose and conciliate two fundamental images of women: the sublime beauty that catches everyone’s eye during the night versus the simplicity and strength that takes over after midnight. Cinderella Garbage is about strength and elegance.

Our vision

The search for a responsible management of garbage is a growing concern worldwide. The present practices, such as incineration and landfill create considerable risk for the environment. Therefore, more and more, because of growing regulations, lack of space, and mostly because of a global awareness towards waste management, the global community is moving towards resource recovery. This is why Cinderella Garbage wishes to promote a waste management that is less polluting and which fosters sustainable development. 

Cinderella Garbage supports ecological waste management and sustainable development, as well as believes in the valorization of waste for artistic purposes, such as the creation of high-end jewelry, designs and art objects. It is with this intention that Cinderella Garbage signed an agreement with Pyrogenesis Canada Inc., a Montreal based company who specializes in developing innovating solutions to valorize and utilize waste.

Our technology

Pyrogenesis’s innovating technology uses plasma torches to dissociate virtually all materials, including waste, into the simplest elemental form to produce clean energy with no residual materials. The temperature of thermal plasma, as found in a plasma torch, can easily exceed 10, 000° C. For example, the sun and lightning are plasmas. 

Once the molecular structure of waste is reduced to its simplest form, what is left resembles a black, slightly translucent and shiny material, which Cinderella Garbage uses to sculpt its "black diamonds". This material is the result of everything that was inorganic in the waste. Cinderella Garbage “diamonds” come from everywhere. Everything that surrounds us is either organic or inorganic: cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, water, earth… everything from a gift wrapping to a grain of sand! The process of waste valorization, invented by Pyrogenesis, transforms the organix portion of waste into syngas, which is mainly composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen that supplies an intern combustion motor to produce energy and electricity. The inorganic proportion of the waste is transformed in a vitrified matter that, with which we create our contemporary “diamonds”. We sculpt the material by hand with every intention of being lovingly ecological!