Derived from the word cinder, Cinderella means speck of ash in English, remains of a material that has resulted from an incomplete combustion. Cinderella Garbage’s mission is to create and commercialize high-end jewelry and fashion accessories that are made out of compressed and vitrified garbage – our own speck of ash. 

All of our jewelry is hand-made with every intention of being ecologically loving. The idea of Cinderella Garbage was developed under the circumstances of an endless love for art, culture, society, uniqueness and feminism.  We wish to create pieces that are exclusive because of the unique possibility of wearing trash, of capturing the consumption of society within a beautiful object that pushes the limits of recuperation to a new level of elegance and finesse. 

We also believe in having a strong position against the diamond trade and society's consumption, although it is important to know that we wish to do so in an elegantly informed and enlightened way. As in the Cinderella fairytale, we wish to expose and conciliate two fundamental images of women: the sublime beauty that catches everyone’s eye during the night versus the simplicity and strength that takes over after midnight. Cinderella Garbage is about strength and elegance.  

Trash is a girl's best friend !