• Rose cut bracelet - Cinderella Garbage recycled jewelry

Rose cut bracelet

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This item is part of the Classic collection.

 collection offers traditional designs that will remain timelessly fashionable. All of the stones are faceted with traditional lapidary art techniques, which command high standards of preciosity. Through this collection, we position ourselves against present practices of the diamond trade.

 The stone of this item is 5 mm and the total diameter is 6 mm.

 This item is signed and is part of a limited edition of 999. The serial number is punched on the chain.

 This item is offered in sterling silver, rose gold 10K, yellow gold 10K or white gold 10K. We can also make it in 14K or 18K on demand. Please contact us at info@cinderellagarbage.com for further information about this.

 Please note that our stone, the Cinderlite, is a synthetic material that comes from an industrial transformation process. I may happen that some stones have slight variations in colors, from dark green to grey. We always choose the most dense and compact stones, however some stones may have micro-bubbles that do not affect the quality of the stone. Each stone is unique and is chosen very carefully.


Please note that all items are handmade. Some orders may take between 7 to 10 business days to make. Once we have shipped your item, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been shipped.